20 Problems Only People Dating Gamers Will Understand

Don't hate the player...

Not everyone can handle the pressure of being a gamer€™s significant other (or SO). The pressure stems from knowing full well that you will be taking a backseat to every game that has ever kept them company though out their entire careers as amateur gamers, most of which started when they were six or seven years old. When you€™re up against Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Pacman, Samus, or Link, a relationship can seem pretty daunting. No one wants to forget who they were before getting into a relationship. Relationships are meant to bring two people together, not turn them into each other. Gamers know this better than any other type of boy/girlfriend. They don€™t care if you want to go to the beach when Mortal Kombat gets released for PS4. They don€™t care if you want to watch a movie marathon when they€™re four hours deep into a Call Of Duty marathon with friends. They€™ll help you excel at any videogame you might want to pick up, they€™re usually great for computer malfunctions, and if you€™re looking for company during an all-night cram session, you can bet they€™ll be right next to you, clicking away. They are who they are and you love them for that. With the good, comes the bad, though. Here€™s a list of twenty problems that you might run into when dating a gamer.
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