20 Reasons 2017's Biggest Video Games Might Suck

Brace for disappointment.

Destiny 2

2017 is an absolutely stacked year for video games and looks set to be one of the biggest ever (assuming most of them don't get delayed into 2018, of course).

Even so, gaming has taught us time and time again that it's best to maintain reasonable expectations wherever possible and approach any potential purchase with a certain critical mind-set.

Specifically, what could a developer be hiding from you in order to make off with your hard-earned cash?

Though many of these games are sure to be critical and commercial smash hits, others will simply fail to live up to their potential due to issues, foreseen or not, which will become abundantly apparent to players when each game is finally out in the wild.

From a combination of gameplay footage, interviews, rumours and good 'ol intuition, here are 20 reasons 2017's biggest games might suck...

20. The Open-World Lacks Meaningful Content - Horizon Zero Dawn

Destiny 2

Why It Might Suck: As gorgeous as Guerrilla's new action RPG looks, it could very well struggle against the age-old open-world problem: how do you populate the world in a way that's satisfying and not just full of boring fetch quests?

Though the media push is ramping up as the game nears release, it still remains to be seen whether or not there's mission and activity variety. If not, it may end up feeling like the dull, repetitive open-worlds typically cranked out by Ubisoft.

Why It Might Not: Guerrilla have been refreshingly open about previewing the game to the press, and so far reports are that the game has a solid level of content, even if a 4-5 hour preview event may not be quite long enough to assess how repetitious it could end up later on.

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