20 Severely Underrated Pokémon That Deserve A Second Chance

They're so much more than just spots on Bill's PC.


Over the generations Nintendo have managed to bring us some truly remarkable beasts in the Pokémon series. Now, with the seventh generation due to arrive in the form of Pokémon Sun & Moon later this year, selecting the perfect team of six monsters is getting harder than ever.

Whether it's to take on the Gym Leaders and Elite Four in the game's story, or to battle trainers around the world in competitive online play, choosing your team is the most important part of each new Pokémon game. But while you'll surely have your favourite individuals or types in mind, there are probably more than a few that you've been writing off for years.

Ahead of the arrival of a new generation of Pokémon, this is the perfect time to reconsider some of those preconceived notions and take a look back at some monsters you may have foolishly overlooked. We're here to bring you twenty of the franchise's underrated Pokémon that deserve your attention with a second look. All stats and movesets will be based on the Pokémon as they are in the sixth generation. 

Here's hoping we're giving you a selection headache like never before!

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