18 Stupidly Tiny Things Only Gamers Will Appreciate

Hey dude, DUDE... check out this wet pavement.

Gamers are a bloody brilliant, unique sort of breed. Where else would you find a cavalcade of fans so passionate they'll do everything from take the time to mod an ancient game back into existence, sign a petition to overturn a disastrous story decision (here's looking at you, Mass Effect 3 ending) or simply grind for days on end just to say they obtained some obscure collectible-based achievement? 30 years in the making and ten-times that in terms of the millions of people worldwide, we've come one hell of a long way. However, as the medium started in the arcades of the world, their coin-operated blips n' bloops meaning if you wanted to play more you'd have to learn your respective title inside out, that's extended across into any self-identifying gamer having one hell of an eye for detail. It's resulted in your average player going out of their way to scrutinise things like frame rates, resolutions, texture pop-in and all manner of technical things, too. However that's not the fun stuff, as although some of them are about to make an appearance here, it's the little things many developers include in their games that leave a real mark of quality. Sound rather vague? It will, but if you've been gaming for any length of time you'll be right at home here, check out this list let us know in the comments your own stupid things you notice or do, any time you can!

18. Being Able To Retrieve Your Arrows After Firing

Forget traditional firearms and explosives - but keep the absolute Rambo-inspired madness that is a grenade tied to an arrow. That's just immense. Everyone loves the option to get their neanderthal on and wield a bow and arrow, but it's a feeling quickly brought down (like an arrow in the... well, y'know) if you end up running out of bolts within seconds. There's nothing quite so satisfying as lining up a shot, letting fly a rogue arrow like the digital Legolas you see yourself as - and then creeping on forward to pull it back out and prepare for the next kill. Why? Who knows, but god help a developer if we can spear something from miles away, see the arrow sticking out and then not pick it back up. That's just dumb.
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