20 Things You Didn’t Know About Alien: Isolation

15. The Alien's Design Was Slightly Changed From H.R. Geiger's Original

alien isolation
Creative Assembly

When using one of cinema's most iconic and fearsome monsters as a prominent presence, it was imperative that the team over at Creative Assembly got the creature's design right.

From it's two mouths, elongated head, and massive stature, the game's main antagonist felt identical to H.R Giger's design in the original film. Except for one interesting detail...

Whereas in the film the alien had human-like legs (it was a man in a rubber suit, after all), the video game counterpart's legs featured an inverted knee to give them a more curved look.

Originally, the alien in the game did feature the same leg design as the film, but after playing the game the team felt there was something off about the legs: it looked like the alien couldn't move fast enough.

The inverted knee was introduced to get around this issue. The idea was it would give the creature's hams a more spring-like look and give the impression it could move quickly if it needed to.

And judging by how terrifying the alien turned out to be, it looks like they made the right move.


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