20 Worst Mortal Kombat Characters Of All Time

All filler, no killers.

Mortal Kombat Worst
When a video game series is as long in the tooth as Mortal Kombat, cracks inevitably start to show. With over two decades worth of game releases, revisions of mechanics and new roster entries, hiccups in quality are inevitably going to surface. Netherrealm Studios' gory brawler undoubtedly has more than just a handful of brilliant characters, but with age comes unnecessary baggage. Prior to Netherrealm's excellent reboot of the series back in 2011, Mortal Kombat's extended family of fighters had become extremely bloated to the point that imagination and creativity had become almost nil. Falling into the trap that games developers all too often fall prey to, the studio worked under the perceived myth that 'more always equals better', subsequently giving life to the awful cast members present here. There's no concrete formula for what makes a character detestable, but there are recurring themes as to why they've gained a reputation equivalent to being the last kid picked to play football in school. The series as a whole has been notorious in the past for ripping off its own characters, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, read on to see the worst of the worst in the world of Mortal Kombat...

20. Mokap


Take note aspiring video game developers; characters like Mokap are what happens when ideas run dry.

A retired motion capture artist, Mokap (get it?) is hired by Johnny Cage to star in his latest film as, you guessed it, a martial arts stuntman.


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