20 WTF Moments From WWE 2K16

TNA Impact Arena in WWE 2K16? What!

WWE 2K16 has already thrown up some stunning "what the f***" moments. In particular, the level of customisation in the game has opened up some truly wondrous possibilities for creative minded gamers. But before exploring the madness, let's summarise the reaction to the game so far. There's definite problems with some of the graphics, but in other areas it looks spectacular. The inconsistency in visuals will annoy wrestling fans, but if you can look past the rough areas, there's some beautiful graphics to be seen. Especially in the entrances! As for gameplay, there's features galore, and the new reversal system makes ring action smoother. There's a better flow in matches. Overall, critics are giving it a positive reception. So on the whole, a thumbs up, with some issues for WWE 2K17 to improve upon. But one thing that we want 2K to never change about these games, is the insane level of WTF moments they produce. You'll laugh your ass off at some of the ridiculousness that can be found in this year's game. Many of the moments that have gone viral online are fan customisations, and you just need to see them to believe them! Other instances are outright crazy glitches. The following is why the game should be known as WTF 2K16.

20. TNA Impact Wrestling Arena

What the f***... yes, you really can play in the TNA Impact Wrestling arena on WWE 2K16! It is all thanks to an intrepid 2K gamer who designed the arena in the customs section, getting the design so accurate that it really does look like the Impact Zone. Thanks to the built in huge roster, you can even play as TNA alumni like Christian or Booker T, in order to recreate that vintage Total Nonstop Action feeling! No doubt WWE are p***** off, though! This is one customisation they didn't want to see.
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