25 Most Tragic Deaths In Video Game History

Shocking, devastating, and undeserved...

Video games are almost never short on death. Most of it is pointed at the nameless grunts on the enemy side that you dispatch without any hesitation or concern, and as such, most of it is meaningless, and therefore rarely worthy of too much attention. Rather casual, but that's the way it is.

But as video games have evolved to tell more complex and intricate stories, so too has their ability to make death mean something. This is frequently achieved through the development of great characters to which you grow attached to; a feeling often enhanced by the interactivity inherent to the medium. And like any good story worth telling, sometimes the characters you grow fond of don't make it. Such a situation is rare, but when it happens, it's special. It means that the writing, world-building, and game design are working in tandem to create a story you can't help but get invested in, and is a testament to the narrative power of video games. It is time to remember those who have fallen that had the greatest impact on us. These are the deaths that hit the hardest, made you cry, and felt the most unjust, which of course motivates you to keep playing. These are the most shocking, devastating, and tragic deaths in video game history. Inevitably, spoilers follow.

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