3 Ways Uncharted 3 Let Us Down

Be warned, this article contains spoilers.

Naughty Dog's latest work on the much loved Uncharted franchise was one of the most critically successful games of 2011, not to mention the immense for a console exclusive. While Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception blew us away with its characters, story telling, graphics, sound and pretty much every technical aspect, it did let a lot of fans, myself included, down in a few major ways. Be warned, this article contains spoilers.

1. Unforgivable Plot Holes

When it comes to games, you really must suspend your disbelief to enjoy them. If you want a treasure simulator, you're not going to be playing Uncharted. While I love explosions and crazy stuff as much as the next guy, Uncharted 3 really pushed it too far. For example, after Drake gets washed out to sea, the screen fades to black and Nate wakes up on a beach and literally says "How convenient." Damn right. No explanation necessary, apparently. Drake would be dead if that really happened, but Naughty Dog clearly couldn't be bothered thinking of an excuse here, so they just left it out. Another massive plot hole was in chapter 10, "Historical Research." Nate, Elena and Sully need to flee a market after causing a marker brawl. They just so happen to walk into the exact room, randomly, to escape, turn around and go "Oh, we have arrived." This makes no sense and is just there to make the game move forward. While I understand not devoting hours to looking for one door, they need to at least explain how that could happen. If you don't remember that scene, check it out; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCaYRfS1sTs And don't even get me started on Talbot surviving getting shot in the chest.

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