30 Awesome Reasons To Stay Alive In 2017

It can't suck more than 2016.

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Everyone agrees that 2016 was a crappy year, and even with 2017 seeing the inauguration of President Trump, it surely can't suck more than last year, right?

Celebrity deaths seem relatively subdued so far (though it's early days yet), and there sure is a ton to look forward to in the pop-culture realm.

2016 was actually a banner year for gaming and wrestling, and both of them have plenty left in the tank for this year, while Hollywood has a glut of enticing blockbusters on offer, even as Netflix threatens to take a huge chunk of their market share.

In these despairing times, when you get low, just remember that you're alive, and that's an awesome thing, especially with all this excitement to look forward to. Here are 30 awesome reasons to stay alive in 2017...


30. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Jan 24)


Capcom have been incredibly confident and forthcoming with their upcoming quasi-reboot of the Resident Evil franchise, allowing fans to play through a terrifying proof-of-concept demo and letting journalists chime in on roughly five hours of the game pre-release.

After Resident Evil 6 bombed with fans, there's pronounced hope this will be a major return to terrifying form for a series that veered too far towards action in its last few installments.

What's been shown off so far looks incredibly promising, and of course, PSVR owners are undeniably getting the best and most pant-wetting deal with full VR support. Hopefully Capcom aren't concealing some less-savoury elements ahead of its imminent release.


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