30 Best Video Games Of All Time

This... will be tough.

Best Video Games
Rockstar/Nintendo/Square Enix/Blizzard

After over 40 years of high profile, household name, landmark releases in gaming, how the hell do you go about ranking the absolute best?

Well, thankfully, more than any other medium, gaming tends to be the one where you can unequivocally link progression and the passage of time to quality. As film, music and the written word mostly have their base staples set in stone - and have done for decades - every aspect of video games on a foundational level is constantly changing.

From the base feel of control to innovative new mechanics, how characters and stories are portrayed or just increased production values making the experience more immersive, even comparing one year to the previous always results in a demonstrable difference.

It's also worth pointing out that older and original doesn't always equal better - many times (again, unlike movie sequels that would be torn to shreds for base replication) developers iterate on first attempts and perfect them second, third or tenth time round. Which is to say, you're not going to find the first Super Mario Bros. on here, for example.

Let me know in the comments what the best game of all time is, what you'd swap around and if you agree or disagree with the following breakdown.

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Gaming Editor

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