30 Classic SNES Games You Must Play Before You Die

To put it bluntly, these SNES games are must plays.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is a gaming legend and a retro favourite, even to this day. The 16-bit console was pretty revolutionary back in the 1990s, especially thanks to the Mode 7 matrix that allowed developers to create a pseudo-3D effect in games; the unique style and design of these games is still pretty awesome to look at today.

Of course, a console is only as good as the games released on it, and thankfully, the SNES has one of the best game libraries ever seen. In fact, at least four or five titles on the system could still be regarded as some of the best games ever made. There's obviously a number of great first-party titles, created and released by Nintendo themselves, but surprisingly, some of the best SNES games came from third-party development teams; Square (now Square Enix) were particularly proficient during this period.

With hundreds and hundreds of great games to choose from, it's a daunting task to pick and choose which to play. The thirty SNES games featured in this article are the cream of the crop - the games that simply must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The great thing is, for those without access to a SNES, many of these titles are available in their original form on the Wii/Wii U Virtual Console - there's very little excuse not to try these genuine gaming classics out.

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