3DS Firmware Update Bundled With Super Mario 3D Land

Japanese cartridge features new 3DS firmware update.

Having already been released in Japan, reports are popping up stating that the cartridge for Super Mario 3D Land features a surprise firmware update for Nintendo's handheld console. Intriguingly, this is not the proposed November update - which will bring 3D Video recording and new Streetpass features - but some minor updates to the 3DS friends list features. The update allows users to join games in progress with their friends, as well as improving general functionality of the 3DS friends system. As well as this, there's the inevitable piracy updates to prevent players from using modded flashcarts, which is compulsory to access the game itself on the cartridge. As of yet we can't confirm if the update will make its way across to the U.K release on the 18th of November, but we'll certainly let you know when we find out.
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