5 Best & 5 Worst Video Game Sequels Of This Generation

Sometimes originality is a bad thing, and sometimes it definitely isn't...

Sequels in the games industry get a harsh rap, with players calling for new IP's like a hoard of insatiable children, who's attention span is comparable to that of a Ninja Gaiden quick-time event. It's a shame too, because often developers need that second game to truly hone and fulfill their original vision, although this is not always the case. It's not unheard of for big name sequels to fall short of expectations, even if when held up on their own they offer a decent experience. That got us thinking, what are the best and worse sequels of this current generation? For this list, three is definitely not the magic number, as all titles must be the second entry in their respective series.

10. The Bad... Crysis 2

Ask a hardcore PC gamer what they think of Crysis 2. I could leave it there but for those of you without a hardcore PC gamer to hand, I should explain. Graphical prowess is intrinsic to the very heart of PC gaming, no matter what a shiny new, or in the case of 2012 a rickety old console can produce, if you want cutting edge visuals there's only one place to go. Developers gain tremendous satisfaction when pushing the graphical envelope, and PC players get a similar buzz from building machines to run their games. The first Crysis was just that, a benchmark, a game to truly show what your PC was capable of, so imagine the excitement when Crytek announced a sequel. Now imagine the disappointment when Crysis 2 launched with a severe lack of graphical options and a linear slog through the concrete jungle of New York.

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