5 Destructive Stereotypes About Gamers That Need To Stop

Incredibly, Super Mario didn't make us all plumbers, FIFA doesn't make us all footballers, and violent games don't make us all violent.

Welcome to 2014: the age of flying cars, food in pill form and telepathic abilities between humans and donkeys. Or at least it would be if scientific predictions from the 1950's had been correct. As it stands, we make do with high speed internet for our bifocals and video game budgets that exceed the economic wealth of entire countries. Actually let's talk about games, shall we? Video games have advanced so much over the decades that even mentioning the fact is horribly clich├ęd. But it would be churlish not to acknowledge that an entire industry has exploded from a pastime for computer enthusiasts to one that's almost brushing Hollywood aside like a dying wasp. There is a game and a console for every walk of life, every taste, age group and socioeconomic demographic, and with China now allowing console sales, the industry will only grow stronger. By now we should have welcomed gaming with open arms and wheelbarrows of snacks, but unfortunately, despite how far we've come and how liberal we perceive ourselves to be, there are still sections of the population that snub the community. For some, gamers will still be sunlight-deprived, under-sexed and unhygienic perpetual Peter Pans (in the worst possible way,) without the conventional social tools to live a full and fulfiling life away from World Of Warcraft and the occasional comic con. With controversies sprouting from more violent titles and tabloids getting into a written battle about the horrors of gaming, we are still experiencing a backlash by people who don't see how huge an impact the games industry has had on popular culture. Some people still believe the following reductive stereotypes...

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