5 Games Parents Wrongly Thought Were Safe For Their Kids

Snowball In a world where video games are released more and more quickly now, it's become a bit more of a task for parents to find out what games are suitable for their kids. They can think they can safe picking up the latest character games, but there are some that are on the borderline, and then as they get older, it's more difficult to know what is safe for them and what isn't (without, as I have seen some parents do, picking up Call Of Duty for your 12 year old). Some games seem perfectly fine on the surface, live a life in a village filled with animals, save the world from a bad guy or two, but then it all starts to get a bit weird...

5. Super Mario Bros.

Mario The original Super Mario Bros.? What's wrong with that you might ask? Nothing on the surface, it's your normal 2D platformer, defeat bad guys, save the princess fanfare (the original one for most). However, the instruction manual hides a dark secret. It states that King Bowser casts an evil spell turning all the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom into blocks (and other objects). Those blocks that you smash as Mario to earn points and coins. You, the player, turn Mario into a cold blooded slaughterer of thousands...

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