5 Irresistible Hints That Assassin's Creed 4 And Watch Dogs Are Connected

5. The Mysterious E-mails

Assassins Creed 4 In between various DNA Sequences of Black Flag you will exit the Animus and be given freedom to explore the Abstergo Entertainment office building. What initially feels very limited and shoehorned in quickly rears its head ripe with mystery. I for one probably spent 2-3 hours outside the Animus collecting sticky notes (that were clearly written by a religiously deranged lunatic), listening to audio logs, admiring promotional material, and snooping into my coworker€™s e-mails. One of them is very intriguing, involving Blume; a corporation that runs ctOS, or what is essentially the security system in Watch Dogs.
So what is ctOS? - CONFIDENTIAL: "Privacy is security." - INTEGRAL: "How did we ever do business without it?" - ACCESSIBLE: "The touch of a button!" - AVAILABLE: "We're everywhere... all the time." - STABLE: "It just WORKS." Put simply, ctOS is the most stable and user-friendly software security-controller ever devised. Can ABSTERGO afford to pass up perfection?

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