5 Real-Life Crimes Gamers Commit Every Day

Just because you buy your games doesn't mean you're completely innocent, you know.

It's all well and good committing crime virtually, isn't it? Via a digitised avatar on your telly box, I mean. Do pretty much what you please in that regard - that's what video games are for. A playground for the imagination. And as I'm sure everyone in existence is aware, last year's critically exalted Grand Theft Auto V was a pretty good barometer for that, suggesting that maybe you should rob that bank, and then kill those 500 policemen on the way out. And maybe that one woman on the drive home, too, because she accidentally bumped into your car (that you stole).

But we're all well-rounded adults here. It's just a game, etc., and - anyway - I''m talking about actual crimes. The type you go to an actual prison for. Or get fined a huge amount of money for. Or maybe just have to do a bit of community service for. Still, these are all crimes, nonetheless. And the absolute worst thing about these crimes? You have committed them. Probably...

5. Buying Games You're Not Old Enough To Play

Playing games at any age is a fine way develop problem solving abilities, improve hand-eye coordination, and encourage imaginative growth. But how many teenagers care about that stuff? Simulating various atrocities is what they're after, of course. On a technical level, it's OK for absolutely anyone to play an 18-rated video game, but not to buy it. Which makes sense. Still, we've all done it. Or at least got our parents to at some point in our lives, right? Though if they selfishly refuse to buy you the latest first-person war game because it's rated 18, you can at least join the real Armed Forces at 16 to get a couple of years practice. Which also makes sense.
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