5 Reasons Not To Play MMORPGS


We all love MMORPGS. Some of them require monthly subscriptions, whilst others garner their income from in-game purchases. The fact that they are social makes them stand out of the crowd. You can play them with your friends or make new friends playing them. And as with most things, their communities are either great or horribly toxic. However, one thing is sure: all of us spending time on MMORPGS is playing with more than just digital fire. Why? I'll tell you why.

5. They Take Up A Lot Of Your Time

guildwars2 This is the biggest issue of that MMO gamers are facing all around the world. Once you get interested in a particular MMORPG you are bound to lose weeks if not even months worth of hours in the virtual world of the game. Of course, it's a very fun ride. It has its thrills and chills. But we all end up in the situation where we ask ourselves "Was it worth it,spending so much time and money on a hobby with no benefit in real life?" We can all agree here that we could have just played a single-player game (which by the way has an end!) and then do something else, like taking a walk in the park, watching a new movie on the cinema with friends or something like that. But instead of doing that, we grinded even more experience so we can get our warrior to level 60 and start doing some hardcore PVP for gear.
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