5 Reasons to Buy Multiplatform Games on Wii U

With the Wii U Launch imminent and the day one line-up starting to take shape, many gamers have been left feeling disappointed by the number of multi-platform titles, ports and re released coming to the system in its first months on the market. While it's unfortunate that a new system launching at this stage in a hardware cycle is prone to this, as a way for developers to learn how to work with the hardware, there are several ways that this could be a strength for the system. The Wii U could very well be the best system to play multi platform titles on. Today I am going to detail my top five reasons that I think that, given the option, the Wii U should be your go to system for playing Multi-platform titles.

1. Ten Percent Back on Digital Downloads

With Nintendo's announcement that all of their Wii U and 3DS titles will be available to download day one digitally, it is becoming slowly more obvious that Nintendo wants you to download your games. For those of you who choose to buy the Wii U Premium bundle, this Digital download incentivisation goes even further with your enrolment into the Nintendo Network Premium. The Idea behind the Nintendo Network Premium is that if you download something digitally onto your system, you will receive points equal to around ten percent of your purchase, which can be spent on more digital content. That means if you buy a £40 game, you get around £4 back to spend on additional content like DLC. For those of you looking to buy your multi-platform games on Wii U, this could translate into a free piece of DLC with every purchase, Just for buying the game on Wii U.

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