5 Reasons Why Saints Row IV Will Blow GTA V Out Of The Water

5. Just Friggin' Look at That!

Saints Row Cover

I mean seriously. Just look at it. WTF is happening in that picture? Are those alien space ships laser blasting DC? Is that a giant energy drink power slamming the Washington Monument? Who are those crazy hot gun toting girls? Why is the president sitting on a throne? Why is he not even concerned?!?!!

Seriously, I need the answers to these questions, and I need them now. OK. Yes. You're right. Those questions are pretty easy to answer myself. But, that isn't the point. The point is this has got to be the most enticing cover art on a video game since Dead or Alive became a beach volleyball game. If there was no internet, and all I had to go on was the promise of the box art, I would buy 5 copies of this game and pray that the art alone would quadruple in value over the next few months.

The GTA cover art is the same thing it's always been, cartoon stills of characters posing. Now, that's understandable. GTA protects its brand by making itself hugely recognizable, and a big part of that is its style. Fair enough. But, I judge a game not only by the reviews, but by how it sees itself. GTA V's cover art is telling the world, "Here is another GTA game. It will be well made and enjoyable like its predecessors. Buy it because we made it." Meanwhile, the cover art on Saints Row 4 is screaming, "Everything about this game is going to be the kind of ridiculous, over the top gift from the heavens that can only be made by people who take huge risks. It will not be stale. It will not be same. It will be new and exciting and full of aliens." at the top of its cancer ridden lungs.


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