5 Recent Instant Classic PC Games You Probably Missed

Kyle Katarn 4

There are some games out there that everyone and their mother knows about, the games like GTA V that you can't stop hearing about no matter how much time you spend using the internet only for porn. Those aren't the games I'm here to talk to you about. The point is that a good number of games slip under the radar. Now, I'm not talking indie games, which are good in their own right. I mean to say that a good number of pretty well funded games go unnoticed because they come out at times when bigger games are launching or maybe they just don't strike a chord with the media (meaning they didn't pay or bully websites to give good reviewse, e.g. like EA does). You've probably actually heard of a good number of these games. I should hope so, as several of them were featured on Steam. What makes them "missed" is that the sales on these games were/are much less than was predicted, because they live in the shadow of Call of Duty and GTA V. And, when you are trying to compete with giants like that, it's pretty hard to steal away the few dollars players might have to spend. This list isn't comprehensive at all, but I can only hope that taking note of these games might bring the joy I had in playing them to at least a few other people.
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