5 Recent Instant Classic PC Games You Probably Missed

3. Shadowrun Returns

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Shadowrun Returns actually isn't that great. The engine has problems, the campaign is short, and the game looks and feels like it's from 8 years ago. So, how did it end up on this list? Well, the programmers made it very clear that the original game is only a small part of what you were paying for with your $15. The real deal comes from the massive amount of user generated content already available, and the unfathomable amount that will probably be ready soon. SrR was released with the editor tools included in the game and a note that read something like, "Dear players, we love the Shadowrun universe, but don't have the money or time to do it justice. Here's your chance to make it happen." Since then dozens of fully playable campaigns from the famous pen and paper RPG have been designed and uploaded for free download, each one a little better done that the one before. This is a living, breathing game which is going to continue to get better and better with every passing day. Moreover, the Shadowrun universe is simply one of the most engaging and fascinating sci-fi fictions around. This is a game that is already great and has huge potential, enough so that I am willing to call it a classic already.
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