5 Terrible Fighting Game Characters That Nobody Should Ever Choose

1. Alex / Roger & Gon - Tekken Series

32900-234529-TekkenGonjpg-620x The Tekken character roster has always been a mixed bag, and that was its greatest appeal. You could build your own team and find what works for each different mode. The game felt alive and responsive. In fact, it is why I prefer it to this day over MK or the later Street Fighter games. Alongside, the gems of the Tekken roster are those like the following, cash-ins on Japan icons, anime or a random joke that falls flat when nobody picks the character and is annoyed that it was included over their personal favourites from the last game. Alex is a cloned Dromaeosaurid made from a fossil by Doctor Boskonovitch, and is trained in his fighting art by Armour King of Tekken 2. He also appears in Tekken Tag Tournament. Roger shared almost everything with Alex: his moves, win animations, back-story...and stupidity. Oh, they didn't stop there. Gon is a tiny dinosaur from a popular Japanese comic. And, for some reason, he appeared in Tekken 3. They never explain anything about this character like why he's in the Iron Fist tournament or why he can breathe fire etc. All that I know is that nobody chose any of these three when I was playing through them on my PS One. Let me know what character you would never play as in the comments below.
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