5 Things Ghost Of Tsushima Gets Historically Right (And 5 It Doesn't)

More like Khotun KHAN'T EXIST, amirite?

Sucker Punch

Ghost of Tsushima sees players in the role of Jin Sakai: A katana swinging, poetry writing, fox loving Samurai who's just a little bit fed up with those dastardly Mongols.

Sucker Punch's latest title has been met with sweeping critical acclaim, that seems to flow gently from every media outlet like the gorgeously animated grasslands of Tsushima itself.

Significant praise stems from GOT's subtle nods to Japanese culture and media, especially since Tsushima is indeed a real island off the coast of mainland Japan. However, the developers haven't been shy in admitting they've taken a few discreet liberties when crafting their open world invader dismemberment simulator.

That's not to say the entire game is a pack of lies, but it can be hard to recognise what's true and what isn't without slicing through a dry, old textbook like a stack of bamboo.

So just who were the Sakai clan? How historically correct are Jin's weapons? Why's Khotun Khan such a dick? All these questions and more will be meditated upon, as we delve deep into real Japanese history to separate the honorable truth from the sneaky, ninjutsu fiction.


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