5 Times DLC Broke The Game It Was Made For

Paying to break the game. Wait... what?!


Whether you want to call it an expansion pack, a day-one patch, or just regular old DLC, downloadable content has become an ever present constant in the gaming industry. And it isn't hard to see why; at its best, it adds to the experience of a game tremendously, making an already fun experience even more so.

However, there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. As with anything else, it's possible to take things a little too far.

Such as, in this case, completely breaking your game in an attempt to make DLC that people will want to buy. Whether it's because it makes you into an unbeatable demigod among men, or just helps you get to the not-safe-for-work bits with that sweet piece of pixelated booty you've been fancying, there are many ways in which DLC, in trying to make the game more fun, loop all the way back around to making everything too easy.

DLC is already a contentious issue, but what about those times it retroactively broke the reason you invested in the first place?

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