5 Upcoming Video Games That Will Change Everything

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future of gaming.


The future is damned exciting. Global peace, the end of world hunger, the inevitable rise of Elon Musk to intergalactic ruler of the universe… But more important than anything else, the future offers mind-bogglingly exciting and tantalising new opportunities for gaming.

The past few years alone have seen incredible advancements in photorealism, cinematic storytelling, AI, VR, and increasingly powerful gaming hardware. Sure, not every new innovation is amazing (looking at you, motion controls), but the fact of the matter is that there is always a commercial incentive for gaming companies to push the limits of technology and propel gaming to the next level.

Even looking around the gaming world right now, amidst the endless waves of open-world, survival based crafting games, battle royales, and Ubisoft sandboxes, there’s a few ambitious games in production that could well be the harbingers of the utopian gaming future sci-fi has been promising us since the dawn of video gaming.

Not every innovation is guaranteed to bring about widespread change (again, looking at you, motion controls), but each of the following games are pushing the limits of what we might have thought possible, and could well change everything we know and think about the way we game.


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