50 Essential Star Wars Games You Must Play

Star-Wars-Battlefront-II There have been more games with the name Star Wars slapped onto it then most other franchises, spanning generations, consoles and galaxies. The results have been mixed, ranking from amazing to terrible, and it seems that when they are good they are great, but when that are bad they are Kinect Star Wars. Then there those other games that have actually developed the Star Wars Universe in a number of really helpful ways such as expanding on the gaps in the Skywalker film narrative or by forging a new timeline within the SWU. Two of the most noteworthy examples of this are the KOTOR series and The Force Unleashed titles, while back in the days of cartridges, another piece of canon building can be found in the plot for Shadow of the Empire for the N64. We've had LucasArts to thanks for some of the best Star Wars games, and indeed some of the worst, and then there's the other outside tie-ins and retro era titles. In short, it's been a veritable feast, and with Battlefront upcoming and likely tie-ins and spin-offs from the new Disney powered franchise it's not set to stop growing any time soon. So the question remains, with this over abundance of games, the question must be asked where to start? With new beginnings coming on both the big screen and gaming platforms, this is the perfect opportunity to look back at the best games ever released under the Star Wars banner. Some may not seem as incredible as others, but the fact is that every game on this list represents a step to where we are now, and every single one of them deserves revisiting. And as a bonus, the games chosen here are ranked in order of importance, so the list becomes an archive for Star Wars fans who want to make their way through the gaming quadrant of the SWEU. Let us dive into the wonderfully diverse world of Star Wars video games. We present you with fifty of the Star Wars games that you need to play...
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