6 Reasons RPG Lovers Should Be Very Excited For 2014

Project-Eternity As the rest of the gaming world reels from the shock and awe that was this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the clearing of the dust is beginning to reveal that this was one of the absolute best E3's that has ever been. The breadth of games that was shown is amazing: from massive, next-gen online games like The Division and Destiny, to incredible-looking indie gems like Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Transistor and Below, this year's E3 had it all. My attention, as it always is during any sort of gaming exposition like this, was most sharply focused on the single player RPG offerings, and what we got was quite wonderful. In fact, 2014 is looking like it could be the best year for RPG's since that magical year that was 2011, arguably the high point for single player RPG's of the the PS360 era. Several of 2014's offerings actually parallel that year's in a way that is almost eerie, and thinking about how these concepts will have evolved and will be executed in 2014 is thrilling to think about. Here are six RPG's that could make the year of 2014 one of the best ever for the genre.

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