6 Reasons Why Horror Is Gaming's Most Important Genre

There's no occasion like Halloween to muse on horror's legacy in video games.

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Horror elements have long been part of gaming's stock and trade, from the original DOOM's hellscape, all the way to upcoming next generation titles like Resident Evil 8.

And yet, this long-standing horror tradition in gaming is no mere accident; no random development. Rather, there are a number of reasons why horror has become such an important part of gaming's history.

As questions concerning gaming's place as a legitimate artistic medium are liable not to be going away any time soon, it is worthwhile dwelling on the legacy of one of gaming's earliest genres. Doing so reveals not only that horror has been a part of the medium's history, but rather that it has been an integral part of its development, pushing gaming to new frontiers across every generation.

We haven't even started the next generation and yet horror has reared its head, with the aforementioned Resident Evil title and arguably Demon Souls (which certainly blends fantasy with some horror elements), featuring prominently in the push to get the next gen underway.

With all that in mind, what better time than as Halloween approaches to muse on the importance of horror in gaming?

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