6 Video Game Characters Who Mirror Real World Issues

Their behaviours have more in common with our society than you may realize.


Video games are an art form like no other. We boot up our favourite consoles, and lose ourselves in the lore of some truly encompassing settings and worlds.

Although we sometimes just want to decompress by blowing an alien creature to bits with our technologically-wondrous weapons, a game's narrative may offer much more. Instead of traversing from point A to B with our principal protagonist, a new character, antagonist, or rival may challenge us on more than just an adversarial level. The morals and values our hero takes with them on their journey are then tested, as a result of the insight and critical thought that these characters, who aren't so inextricably evil as initially believed, put into the spotlight.

As for where these characters have received their nuanced awareness from, just take a look at the pervading issues of our world today. Video game characters who reflect our contemporary societal frameworks can be the basis for some truly compelling storytelling. Sometimes, these characters may have even predicted these issues, before they manifested in our world today.

Our real world isn't black-and-white. These characters truly demonstrated that the shade of grey was always prevalent, especially in the way they were positioned to challenge our protagonist...

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