6 Video Game "Fixes" (That Actually Broke Everything)

A fix so good that it drops your player-base from thousands to tens.


Video game updates are a worrisome endeavour. They take time, manpower and money from developers which could otherwise be used to create new, profitable content. With smaller studios this becomes a real issue of time-cost versus reward.

If a perk doesn’t describe itself properly in the menu but still works as intended, that can wait until they sort out the issue of an assault rifle making the noise of an SMG.

Yet, when these problems stack up, this choice of cost against reward becomes increasingly apparent.

A common phrase in programming is, fix one bug and two more will appear. For older games or releases with less advanced coding, this is doubly so and can take huge hits on the game's health with every new big patch. Other times, developers just don’t test their builds thoroughly enough, missing an exploit here or adding an extra zero there.


In the end, though, it comes down to the player-base. Whether you’ve got thousands or millions of players, they’ll soon let you know when you fu**ed something up, even if such a bug benefits them. In light of that, these are 6 updates that broke more than they fixed.

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