6 Video Game Reveals You Totally Missed

Yup, THAT's what DOOMguy looks like.

doom doom eternal doomguy face
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In an industry currently trying to blend the story-focused gratification of the 2000s with the looter-shooter delights of the 2010s, it's super easy to miss the little things.

On the one hand you've got blockbuster storytelling; plot-twists, shocking character returns, high-octane setpieces, and on the other a focus on mechanics, cycling inventories, grinding out stats and fighting a boss for 5 hours with three other friends at once.

All-told it's no wonder the vast majority of people don't replay most games, electing to revisit a select few if a long-awaited sequel is coming out, or if a title has become a true great. Once we've conquered a final boss, found that ultra-rare mythic weapon or a combination of the two, we're done, and that sometimes means missing out on the little things that make a BIG difference.

Scour even the most popular video game franchises, and from unanswered questions to just-plain-cool facts detailed somewhere off the beaten path, everything I'm about to detail is very much worth knowing.

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