6 Xbox One Exclusives PS4 Owners Should Be Jealous Of

PS4 has an army, Xbox One has a Cuphead.

Cuphead Game
Studio MDHR

PlayStation 4 purists are a lucky bunch of gamers who have been rewarded for their loyalty with masterpiece exclusives like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5.

Like a fat kid at a buffet with rich food, PS4 players gobble up all the good games before any starving Xbox One players can even take a whiff, and even when Microsoft do get their hands on a tasty exclusive like We Happy Few, Sony almost immediately snatch it and force them to share.

However, while a lot of Xbox One’s leading titles in the past have been exclusives strictly for a year or less - with Rise Of The Tomb Raider being the most prominent example - there are a few games that will never find themselves on the stacked plates of sweets for PlayStation 4 owners.

Almost all of Microsoft’s famous exclusive titles like Gears Of War pale in comparison to Sony’s most celebrated treasures, but the Xbox library undoubtedly has games out now and ready to be released in the future that its rivals have nothing similar and of equal quality to compete with.

6. D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Cuphead Game
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Although not the prettiest to look at, Dark Dreams Don’t Die is certainly the most bizarre exclusive with its gritty and dark detective thriller introduction quickly spiralling into a whacky melodrama with a woman that think she’s a cat.

Playing as the good-looking and rugged private investigator David, you embark on a journey to find the killer who murdered your blonde bombshell of a wife in a hunt that will have you constantly thinking of Deadly Premonition.

But, unlike other detectives who have to stay up all night thinking about how all the clues fit together, David is able to cheat at his job by coming into contact with mementos and using unsanitary bathrooms to teleport into specific memories from the past.

From there, you complete this episodic adventure series by solving point-and-click puzzles, hitting the right buttons in quick-time-events, and keeping David alive by ensuring that he has enough junk in his gut with the game’s odd fixation on food pornography.

Other than Deadly Premonition – a game fans can only experience by having a PS Now subscription – there is very few games with as much intrigue and personality as D4, and it is a Microsoft exclusive that its neighbours can only look at and admire in bewilderment.


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