7 Awesome Video Games Killed By Their OWN Marketing

Brutal Legend is incredible if you take away the deceptive marketing.

Brutal Legend
Double Fine

Have you ever gone back to a game - maybe a year or two later after the hype or those initial expectations have passed - only for it to feel completely different?

Maybe you realised that certain "majorly disappointing" issues aren't so bad after all. That "divisive plot decisions" now sit pretty well given your increased maturity, or how the franchise sits from a different perspective.

Point being, that holistic criticism is just as important as in-the-moment opinions and thoughts as things unfold. We all grow, change tact, re-approach and reappraise pieces of media and art, and that's what makes something like a 30 hour epic video game one of the best creative works to go back to.

All of which is to say, that marketing can only serve one of these time periods: The most immediate.

Which angles, advertising strategies and spotlighted gameplay mechanics are going to get customers through the door? How does a company shift as many units as possible in that crucial launch window, to guarantee recouping funds?

It's a problem tangled up with hype and expectation, as get any part of that potent mixture wrong, and it could be years before your title is fully appreciated.

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