7 Awesome Video Games You Weren't Ready For

You need to play Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry in 2021.

DMC Devil May Cry Dante
Ninja Theory

When was the last time you made a point of checking out your childhood favourite video games, from a newer, more mature perspective?

Where in music, film and TV you're actively encouraged to experience classic albums, movies and shows, in gaming the idea of delving into the past is largely assigned to diehard collectors, still possessing the necessary hardware to fire up said "classic" in the first place.

Honestly it's not been until right now that delving into back catalogues hit the mainstream. With so many conversations around Xbox Game Pass and how much Sony are dropping the ball on backwards compatibility or the upscaling of legacy collections, only now are thousands of titles being re-appraised.

All-round it's a great thing to see. There are so many treasured, recommendable releases from generations' past that - in the march towards better, faster hardware - get left behind.

Game Pass provides one hell of a selective spotlight, but outside of Xbox's curated selections, there are plenty of games that weren't fully appreciated in their day, but have aged brilliantly.

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