7 Beloved Video Game Consoles That Were Almost Completely Different

7. The American NES Was Going To Be A Personal Computer


The Nintendo Entertainment System was as revolutionary as it was insane. It allowed gamers to do things previously limited to crazy people - like shooting a dog because it was laughing at you, or being anywhere near Mike Tyson.

In fact, between the Ninja Turtles games and the Super Mario series, a disturbing number of NES titles were just about watching turtles die. But all of that 8-bit psychopathy was originally going to come in a much more mundane package: a home computer.

As they were localizing their Japanese Famicom console for an American release, Nintendo developed a retooled prototype called the Advanced Video System. The AVS was designed as a personal computer with a heavy gaming slant, similar to the Commodore 64. It would have supported wireless peripherals common to home computers at the time such as a QWERTY keyboard and tape deck.

An AVS prototype was shown at the 1985 Consumer Electronics Show, but it had some problems. The infrared wireless controllers were extremely unresponsive, and the whole system seemed too much like all the other game console/computer hybrids available at the time. As a result, Nintendo redesigned the system into the turtle murder box we all love today.

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