7 Best Online Gaming Communities

Happy-Gamers(1) A few days ago, I compiled a list of the worst online gaming communities. I'm sure that the average gamer owns at least one or two of the games that made the list which made me wonder about the future of gaming as a whole. Video games are quickly becoming our main form of entertainment. With the emergence of Sky+ and Tivo, it's easier to record our favourite movies and TV shows to watch uninterrupted at a more convenient time. The fact is, most of us would rather spend our free time wandering the plains of Skyrim or chasing Bowser as a little porky plumber. As gamers, we were blessed with some amazing single player games this year. Far Cry 3 and The Walking Dead have raised the benchmark to which all other titles should be be judged. Unfortunately, developers are becoming more and more interested in online gaming. The recent revealing of Tomb Raider's multiplayer modes is yet another example of companies trying to prolong the experience. Nowadays, it is almost a requirement to hop online in order to get the most from the game. The trouble is, most gaming communities are about as friendly as The Hulk on a bad day. But all hope is not lost. There are some diamonds in the rough. Here are 7 of the best online gaming communities.

7. Battlefield

Battlefield_Bad_Company_2_HD_Wallpapers_1(1) Unlike its more popular rival, Call of Duty, EA's excellent team based shooter Battlefield, actually boasts a fairly friendly community. This is due in large to the game being built with an emphasis on teamwork. It's very rare to see highly skilled lone wolves succeed against even an average team in Battlefield 3 and this in turn, helps bridge the communication gap between strangers online. It encourages team work and rewards tactical skill. Most guys will help you out and give tips about spawn points and kill zones and as the game is slower based, the overly aggressive attitude of some players never materializes. Obviously some matches can degrade into slagging matches but that's to be expected with any game online.
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