7 Best Underwater Levels In Video Games

Honestly, they're not all as bad as Ocarina Of Time's Water Temple...


The majority of the time water levels are just the worst! They are often slow, difficult to control, and if the game developer really hates you they'll also contain an air meter.

Nobody forgets the first time they played through Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts or their trouble conquering the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. In fact, the history of bad water levels is such that there's a fairly well established Worst Ever ranking for most fans. For our take on the most infuriating water levels in gaming click here.

But for all of the bad ones, believe it or not some water levels can be the highlight of their game. When done right, a water level can be an interesting change of pace featuring a new mechanic for you to learn and master in an awesome new environment.

7. Donkey Kong Country - Coral Capers


With levels like Amiss Abyss in Tropical Freeze and Lockjaw's Locker in Diddy's Kong Quest, the Donkey Kong Country series has no shortage of excellent water levels.

None of them are as great and iconic as Coral Capers from the original Donkey Kong Country.

The Kongs feel great to control, the environments are gorgeous, and who could forget about the beautiful, and atmospheric music? It's also the first time you meet Enguarde the Swordfish who is awesome and a lot of fun to control.

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