7 Biggest Reasons E3 Is Dying

The ESA's plan for E3's future sounds TERRIBLE.

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Well that... was arguably one of the most disappointing E3s in quite some time. Now, obviously the coughing elephant in the room is covid-19; how every company scrambled to put together trailers, demos etc. for a showcase of millions, alongside dealing with a pandemic that ravaged the globe.

That said, E3 has been ailing for years now, and even if we go back to before 2020's cancelled showcase, 2019 had a notably flat reception.

With an abundance of CG trailers masking the reality of what was playable, zero surprise announcements and nothing from top-tier studios like Activision, Warner Bros or Capcom, even back then we were questioning the purpose of this once sought-after event.

Like with 2021's E3, it was both Xbox and Nintendo rolling together a slew of games with minimal talking in between that went down best, further highlighting the reality that all the pomp, circumstance and awkward bluster might be a thing of the past.

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