7 Deadly Gaming Sins: PRIDE

6. Peter Molyneux Burying His Past Games To Promote His Future

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There are some developers that take immense pride in their work, defending their titles to the hilt and making sure that everyone knows of the struggles they've gone through to get their baby to market. Peter Molyneux is such a developer, always championing his games as if they are the second coming of... well, the game he's making he loves it that much!

Or at least that is until the NEXT game comes along in which case the prior title is thrown under the bus to make way for his new flavour of the week. No better example exists than Molyneux's treatment of the Fable franchise, which he hyped to the nines before each release, only to turn sour on the previous titles in order to market the next. The first Fable didn't live up to his expectations, he claimed, as he shoved "revolutionary one-button combat" and that bloody dog from Fable 2 in our faces, and when this went south, he championed Fable 3 as being far better than the rubbish he'd kicked out before.

Does he think that we just forget all the strange noises that come from his mouth? Or does he think that his sheer gusto and a false sense of pride will carry him through? Annoyingly it actually did for a fair old while until consumers got wise to his rhetoric and called him out for his nonsense.

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