7 Deadly Video Game Sins - Sloth!

I'll patch it later... zzzz.


Making video games is at its core, incredibly hard work. The horrible terms of "crunch" being thrown around even massive studios showcase that no matter the power of your workforce, crafting an epic video game is time-consuming bordering on the dangerous. Things do not get any easier even when you're scaling down the scope of your title, and one need only watch Indie Game: The Movie to see the toll that programming to deadlines has on its developers.

Sleepless nights, social withdrawal: these are the sacrifices that many game developers make for the benefit of an audience to enjoy their work in their free time. Like vampires, we feed on their energy, but at the end of the day, it's something we are extremely grateful for.

However, what if all of this sounds like just too much effort? Why not reuse assets, why not cut corners, why not simply phone it in? If you're a big enough franchise then surely you can set the gear to neutral and coast?

Well, coasting has a cost, my friends, because it's time to delve once more into the pits of gaming hell and detail that most apathetic of sins: Sloth. For while there are many tirelessly working to improve the industry, there are others who look not only to ride the coattails of their efforts but take a bloody nap on them.

This is Sloth, the fourth in our series of Seven Deadly Gaming sins, a series you definitely shouldn't sleep on.

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