7 Essential Star Wars Games You Must Play Before The Force Awakens

7. Star Wars: Republic Commando

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsH8LAb-5qQ Starting of we have one of those games that turned out to be even better than expected. Set during the clone wars, here you take on the role as on of the members of Delta Squad, an elite team of storm troopers. As you might have already guessed, Delta Squad is deployed only on the high ranking missions, and the game lets you know that from the start. Not two minutes after you land in the middle of a warzone, you can already hear the other troopers commenting on your team's infamous capabilities. On the gameplay side of things Republic Commando took on a Metroid Prime-like helmet display as it doubled down on what having everything that makes first-person shooters fun. Tactile and responsive combat powers you from enemy to enemy as you dish out commands to a very personable and responsive squad - something that's only complimented by a great storyline, making for a complete out-of-left-field success that no one saw coming.

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