7 Great Video Games Playing Watch Dogs Will Remind You Of

For better of worse, Ubisoft's latest is a frankenstein of many other great titles from the past few years.

Watch_Dogs suffers from the 'Avatar' problem. Avatar was a pretty exciting movie that pushed the envelope in terms of technology and facial capture animation, but did things and told a story audiences had seen a thousand times before, be it in Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, or Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. This relates to Watch_Dogs in the sense that like Avatar it's a Frankenstein of elements from all kinds of different sources stitched together to form something resembling a whole. It's simple really, nab the open world from Grand Theft Auto, the stealth mechanics of Splinter Cell, toss in hacking puzzles and a spritz of assorted mini-games, polish it up with a little liquid gold, and you got yourself a fundamentally enjoyable game even if everything Watch_Dogs does has been seen and done before. Through this Watch_Dogs becomes enjoyable on a strange meta level, where a mechanic, mission or gameplay type will tingle your nostalgia sense and remind you of a game you previously played and enjoyed. It's kind of fun, especially since the games Watch_Dogs has the most in common with are generally excellent titles. Thus, presented here for folks eager to play Watch_Dogs and eager to reminisce about games you want to revisit, or play for the first time, are seven great games Watch_Dogs will remind you of.
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