7 Hotly-Anticipated 2016 Video Games That Will Disappoint You

No Man's Sky is not what you think, and it never was.

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We all love boarding the hype train and riding it off into the sun, but can you think of any games that actually benefitted from being consistently built up for months and months?

The very reason something like The Witcher 3 blew everyones collective socks off was because we DIDNT know everything about it going in. Save for a handful of moaners griping about the graphical downgrade seen between announcement and release - something else that factors immensely into my overall point here - the final product was an outstanding achievement in every respect.

Contrastingly, just look at The Order 1886, Watch Dogs, every yearly Assassins Creed etc. for proof of how hype can easily translate into disappointment.

Granted, some games are Just Plain Bad, but the way the industry markets everything as some annual second coming every single time, has a hand in their reception, too.

So, for all sorts of reasons, these are the most hotly-anticipated games for 2016 that are simply destined to disappoint you.

7. Gears Of War 4

Gears of war 4

Im a huge Gears of War fan - yes, even Judgment - but after playing the beta for Gears 4, it just didnt feel right. Basic animation and the fidelity of controls werent there, and even the graphics werent anything to write home about - not what you need, as when it comes to console exclusives, this is going to be held up against the mighty Uncharted 4.

Even the trailer mimicked the original Gears usage of Gary Jules Madworld by including Disturbeds rendition of The Sound of Silence, but its too much of the same, and nowhere near enough forward momentum.

Theres a pervading sense that The Coalition dont really know what theyre doing with the franchise, and after spinning their wheels to buy some time with the Ultimate Edition, having to say Look guys, this is what weve been working on all this time! as the beta played like a formulaic cover shooter, just doesnt cut it.

Although Ill be honest - if we get an answer as to why the Locust Queen was half human and looked to be Marcus mother the whole time all will be forgiven.

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