7 More Video Game Bosses That Forced You To Cheat

Two can play at this game.

metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

It's never fun to feel like an experience has cheated you out of something.

Whether it's time, money, or a horrendous amount of emotional energy, to come out of the other side of a scenario with far less than you started with can be the absolute worst. It's somehow even more infuriating when this red-faced pie-slapping comes from a video game boss who you can literally see cheating right in front of you.

Whether it's M. Bison using moves instantaneously, despite them requiring a button to be held in order to charge, or A.I drivers somehow always finding the perfect line in order to sneak past you at the finish line, there are so many instances when it turns out the game was rigged from the start, and of course, that's going to leave you wanting just a little bit of revenge.

Now normally I'd never advocate seeking vengeance as I truly believe it's better to break cycles of violence wherever possible, but here? When you've got a cheating AI so blatantly rubbing its dirty scrum in your face?

Oh you best believe I'm donning the warpaint.

7. The Mimic Tear - Elden Ring

metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

Now while I would love to freely address the elephant in the FromSoft-shaped room - that pretty much every boss made by the developer is enough to make you reach for that cheese platter and fromage them all the way back to hell - there are a few bosses that require a bit of manipulation in order to get through.

For you see, dear Tarnished, the Mimic Tear is exactly that, a mimic that will copy your exact loadout, spells and all, and then use them against you with surprising aggression.

Now if you've entered the fight with a tonne of tanky armor and swords that melt bosses, you're going to be on the rather spicy end this time around, but if you're a smart little cheater and start the fight absolutely naked you'll experience something entirely different.

Spawning in with only a loincloth as protection, the Mimic Tear can easily be bested by quickly re-equipping your gear and slamming it into the ground. It's hilarious and will mean the battle moves from tears of frustration to the act of wiping away tears of laughter.

Bless. At least it tried, right?


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