7 Most Disappointing Video Game Stories Ever

When you're ONLY recommending the gameplay.

Resident Evil village chris redfield

In a medium where hype is king - where game mechanics can give way to hundreds of hours of fun, or a challenging boss might eat up a weekend - nailing a good story can often do a ton of the legwork for you.

Securing a sequel means self-generated snowballs of interest in between instalments. Sometimes even the most phoned-in titles gameplay-wise at least continuing their overarching narratives, and can be re-appraised or revalued somewhere down the line.

That said, we rarely talk about games that got a number of their core components right, but dropped the ball narratively.

Simply by proxy of the medium we're dealing with, if gameplay and other interactive elements are spot on, we can largely overlook a story being notably disappointing.

Jarring plot twists, deflated tension from a big reveal falling flat. Which titles had everything going for them - and maybe nailed the majority of their production - but left you wanting more on the story front?

Oh, and let it be known that Mass Effect 3's new Legendary Edition - finally including all DLC as standard, removing the unnecessary multiplayer and fixing how Galactic Readiness works - actually makes that game work INSANELY well.

Bioware's divisive finale is off the "most disappointing" list for now, but as for the rest...

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