7 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2021 (So Far)

Biomutant should've been a GOTY contender.

biomutant game
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In a year where you could absolutely forgive any studio for needing to take a minute and resume scheduled programming in 2022, it's not like half-baked or unfinished releases went away altogether.

No, publisher-mandated release windows and financial quarters remain unchanged, and that means if something was agreed on from the last few years with a 2021 release slate, for the most part it's coming out no matter what.

With the state of all three console manufacturer generations being a bit... strange right now - PlayStation putting former PS5 exclusives on PS4, Xbox relying entirely on Game Pass and Nintendo dropping the wet fart that was the OLED Switch variant - it's a strange time to be a gamer. Factor in Valve's Steam Deck currently upending the very idea of "PC gaming" by making it mobile, and we're staring down the barrel of a gaming industry that will look VERY different in another decade.

Back to 2021 though, and nothing is free from disappointment in one of the most passionate mediums of them all. Though there are FAR more positives than negatives when taking stock of where we're at, some titles managed to drop the ball quite spectacularly.

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