7 Perfect Valentine's Dates For Gamers

6. Isn't It Pokémon Go-mantic?

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Sure, it's a cliché, but can there be a more heart-warmingly romantic date than a moonlit stroll through a verdant meadow? The moon's gentle effulgence, and a light breeze persuading the glade into a pendulous quiver, give way to an atmosphere where, inevitably, you're fooling around on the field embraced, a shoe falls off, another shoe falls off, and eventually so do your jeans and cardie. Don't worry about the grass stains: that's why Daz was invented.

It sounds good, and it is good, unless you suffer from hay fever, in which case it's basically an exercise in torture. Without making too many assumptions about the sort of characteristics which lead people to favour the great indoors to evil grassy plans, it isn't unfair to speculate that many gamers suffer from this stuffiest of allergies. Rolling around in the hay - quite literally - is to be avoided.

That doesn't mean you and your significant other can't enjoy a night out under the stars, though. Pop an antihistamine, grab your smartphone, and go Pokémon hunting in the lunar light! Who knows, it could be Luvdisc?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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