7 Problems With Nintendo At Corporate Level

Nintendo might be in for a bit of a tough 2014.

If recent news stories are to be believed, Nintendo might be in for a bit of a tough 2014. The company recently announced that it will face its 3rd straight year of operating losses and were forced to slash their Wii U sales forecast from 9 million to just 2.8 million. Stocks and expectations are down across the board and now everyone is pointing fingers at where exactly this gaming powerhouse went wrong. Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, has hinted that the company needs an entirely new business structure while playing down speculation that he should resign. One thing is for sure, Nintendo do need to shake things up. Looking at console sales alone, Nintendo's home consoles have been on a steady decline on each new incarnation with the Wii being the only exception. The Wii however was only a temporary solution to a problem that has been growing for years and has itself seen its crown as "king of casual gaming" ripped away by phones and tablets. To me, Nintendo IS gaming and I've remained a loyal fan over the years, despite being a bit disappointed with some of the directions the company has taken. A gaming world without Nintendo just doesn't bear thinking about, so instead it's best to ponder how we can remedy the situation. While the announcement of some major titles could be the shot in the arm that the Wii U needs, Nintendo still need to do more to reinvigorate themselves and become a household name once again. Major changes need to be made, possibly even a complete restructuring of how the company does business. In this article we put forward a few suggestions for things that Nintendo should be considering at a corporate level.

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